What to Know Before Designing and Building a Deck

Building a deck is no easy task. Not only is it a significant investment, but, if done right, it can greatly impact your home’s resale value in a positive way. With that in mind, you should think your design process through as carefully as possible. That way, you can build the best deck for your home.

In this post, the deck installation experts from Home Wizards discuss the things you should know before designing a deck and having it built for your home.


There are many materials you can use to build your deck which can make it difficult for you to select. Pressure-treated wood is easy to work with and can take stains and waterproofing but requires frequent cleaning, resealing and restaining. For easy maintenance, Composite materials,  can last a long time if properly cared for and don’t splinter crack or rot. There are many more decking materials available on the market so carefully research your options to help you choose the proper one.

What Will You Do With The Deck

The size, shape and features of your deck should depend on what you intend to do with it. If you plan to turn it into a party area, make sure to leave room for a prep station, a dining area, a serving area and a grill. Choose handrails with wide, flat caps as well so guests can rest their drinks. On the other hand, if you plan to use it as a relaxation zone, you can have your deck installation keep it small and simple for you to place your lounge chairs and low tables.

Care and Maintenance

If you want your deck to last for as long as possible, brush up on the appropriate steps to maintain and care for it. How often you’ll have to reseal or restain your deck depends on the material and finish you went with so make sure to choose the right one if you want an easy time. In terms of cleaning, on the other hand, you’ll have to scrub it at least once a year with a power washer on  a low-pressure setting, a brush and the appropriate cleaner. Sweep away leaves and debris every day as well to prevent any other issues.


Depending on how your outdoor space looks, the design of your deck may be altered as well. For instance, if your yard has trees, you can actually work around this so long as the tree is healthy. Leave at least 3 inches around the trunk to accommodate growth and make sure that the base of the tree can get water and air. If you live in a dense neighborhood, on the other hand, you can have a vertical privacy screen installed to create a barrier between your deck and the house next door.

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