6 Preparations To Make Before Replacing Your Siding

Siding installation or replacement isn’t a job that you should jump into head first. In fact, it’s a job that takes a significant amount of time to prepare for. It is an investment, after all, so you’ll want to be as prepared as possible for the job. With that in mind, it’s useful to know just what you should prepare for when it comes to siding replacement projects.

In this post, siding installation experts from Home Wizards discuss the six preparations every homeowner should make before replacing their siding.

  1. The Right Contractor – Since a siding replacement is a significant investment, you’ll want to select the right person to get the job done. Make sure to look for a contractor of good reputation with the proper certifications, experience, skill sets and recommendations from previous customers. That way, you can prevent any future issues with your siding.
  1. Research – Aside from searching for the correct person to do the job, research more about your siding project as well. Thoroughly browse your options on various siding materials so you can better coordinate with your contractor on the project.
  1. Remove Shutters, Downspouts and Fixtures – Before applying the new siding, have your home remodelers remove the shutters, downspouts and fixtures around your home’s exterior first. That way, there won’t be any interference during the installation of the new siding.
  1. Housewrap – If you happen to live in an area where it’s required by building codes, have your contractors apply a weather-resistant barrier known as a housewrap over your sheathing. That way, your siding can work more efficiently compared to homes without a housewrap.
  1. Insulation – Applying the insulation is another important step that you have to take. Simply have the insulating sheathing installed over the existing siding so you can have an energy efficient home that can help keep you comfortable indoors no matter the season.
  1. Work Area – Before getting started on replacing your previous siding with a newer one, have the nearby trees on your property trimmed to prevent them from getting in the way and potentially damaging the new siding. Remove any outdoor furniture, lawn ornaments and garden hoses as well as they can prove to be hazards during the job.

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