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Many homes in the Atlanta area were built with siding that has begun to rot, fall apart, or become damaged due to weather, woodpeckers, and other circumstances.  Damaged siding can be serious causing additional damage to a home if not properly repaired or maintained.  Because we recognize how significant siding is to a home, our crews and staff have trained and studied how to become experts in Siding and Trim Installations. 

Siding Replacement is a service we perform daily whether it be new installation, repair, or partial replacement.   Our siding is always installed using materials that will last.  The preferred and well known brands in our market are James Hardie® Siding and Nichiha Cement Siding.  James Hardie offers both Primed and Color Plus styles.  ColorPlus has become popular as it is already painted directly from the factory.  Many homeowners favor this option as opposed to choosing primed siding and having it painted. In addition, James Hardie offers Shake (Shingles) and Trim including Soffits, Fascia, Corner Trim, and other Mouldings. Nichiha Cement Siding and Trim has a factory in Georgia and is another popular siding option.  Both offer a selection of styles for creativity and enhancement of the exterior of your home.  These cement products help add curb appeal and also achieve energy savings.  Should you decide to sell your home, both companies offer warranties that are transferable.

The benefits of Siding Replacement with Cement Siding are well worth the investment.  It is one of the highest returns on your investment of any other remodeling project and will help increase the value of your home.

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Benefits of Replacing Damaged or Rotted Siding with Cement Siding

  • Siding offers excellent protection from Atlanta’s extreme summer and winter weather. 
  • Siding is durable and will protect your home from strong storms and flying debris.
  • Cement Siding is fire resistant.
  •  It resists insect damage and will not warp or rot. 
  • It is low maintenance and easy to clean. 
  • Replacing damaged siding can help lower monthly bills by providing better insulation. 
  •  Your home’s exterior will look attractive for years after installation.

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James Hardie® Siding and Trim increases your home’s beauty, style,

durability, and value. A home’s exterior is more than just siding. It defines

the character of your home, while providing protection from the elements.

It should be from a reputable company. When you choose James Hardie®, you’re choosing the company that invented fiber cement. It continues to be the number one siding choice in the country.

It should provIde options. James Hardie® siding and trim provides limitless combinations of colors, widths, textures, and styles to customize your home exactly the way you want it.

It should be a good Investment. Residing with fiber cement provides about 25% higher return than remodeling a kitchen or replacing a roof.

It should be durable. James Hardie® siding resists water absorption, stands up to storms and harsh weather, is fire resistant and won’t be damaged by animals or insects.

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