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When choosing a company to paint your home, Home Wizards has been a top choice in the Atlanta area of Residential Painting Companies. We began over 15 years ago as a painting company, Paint Wizards, and have grown into a full remodeling company under the name Home Wizards. Painting today remains a significant service that we offer.

Whether you are getting ready to sell your home, update and refresh it, or are moving into a new home, we can make sure your home looks fresh and inviting. Curb appeal is crucial and giving your home a new color of paint is the least expensive way to spruce up your home and improve your home’s value. We have experienced quicker home sales from our client’s who have updated and painted their homes.

Home Wizards uses top quality paint and materials. Our recommended and preferred paint and caulk brand is Sherwin Williams, however we will use other brands or match the color to Sherwin Williams paint. If you have trouble choosing or coordinating colors, we are happy to offer a color specialist to help you select the right colors for your home.

Our widely trained and experienced team of painters work hard to achieve the finished outcome you are looking for. We make sure the process is as smooth as possible and go beyond to make sure you are fully satisfied. We are skilled in painting homes’ exteriors in siding, stucco, brick, decks and porches, and have experienced excellent results transforming homes with a limewash over the brick. This unique and old world look is becoming very popular in the Atlanta area and we can work with you to create this look for your home.

Our painters spend a lot of time prepping your home beforehand to ensure a beautiful and long lasting paint job. All designated repair areas are addressed, your home is pressure  washed, and we use top quality caulk to protect the seams. Our painters make sure to keep your home environment as clean as possible during this process, protecting it with drop cloths and plastic covering. We make sure the process is as smooth as possible, and go beyond to make sure you are fully satisfied.

Check out these great painting tips.

Keep wood rot away with a fresh coat of paint.

A chipped and peeling exterior paint job looks unsightly. It also exposes your home to wood rot. When it rains, water can be trapped in the paint cracks, damaging your wood and inviting termites. To prevent wood rot, you should check your house at least once a year for signs of damage.

Paint your exterior walls lighter to reflect heat.

Painting the exterior walls of your house with a bright color can help reflect the sun’s rays and cool down your house in the summer. A Department of Energy study found that painting walls with reflective paint saved up to 20 – 30% of energy.

More than that, a bright color of paint will actually last longer than a darker color. Lighter colors reflect more damaging sunlight. This means that they tend to chip less than darker paint. Choosing a lighter color will extend the length of your paint job. That bonus gives you two reasons to save by going lighter.

Fresh paint can improve curb appeal and add to your homes' resale value.

Having a coat of new paint on your home’s exterior can make a big difference to its value. Curb appeal is a big draw to potential buyers, and new paint is more attractive than dull, chipped or peeling paint.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, try painting the exterior of your house a neutral color such as white or grey. These neutral colors have a wide appeal.

Even if you’re not planning to sell, you’ll feel better coming home every day to a house that looks the best it can be. Paint color can improve your mood. And really — you can’t put a price on that.

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